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Policies and Procedures

Shoreham Parish Council will not acknowledge or consider, under any circumstances,
complaints that are submitted anonymously.

1. All complaints must be submitted in writing accompanied by any supporting

2. Any complaints regarding an employee of the Council must be directed to the Chairman
of the Council as an employment matter. If the Chairman is not able to resolve the
matter, then it will be referred to the Conduct and Complaints/Grievance Committee. If
necessary, the Council will appoint an Appeals Committee.

3. Any other complaints must be first addressed to the Clerk at the Council Offices and
must detail the complaint and provide any supporting documentation.

4. The Clerk will initially endeavour to deal with the complaint/problem however if this
does not resolve the issue, the matter will be referred to the Council.

5. The Council may then decide to refer the matter to the Conduct and
Complaints/Grievance Committee.

6. Any complaints in respect of the conduct of councillors will be referred directly to the
Conduct and Complaints/Grievance Committee.

7. The complainant will be informed as to the outcome of the complaint, once the
complaint has been resolved.

Shoreham Parish Council Policies and Procedures